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The history of Udaya Province is the history of the grace overflowed to us from the bountiful mercy of the Queen of Rosary. Our story begins at Irinjalakuda, with the new born region from Thrissur Nirmala Province on 13th June 1976 and was declared a Province in 1977. Mother Mary Clemence was appointed as Regional Superior and later she was elected as Provincial Superior. I9th May 1977 witnessed the formal inauguration and blessing ceremony of our Province by Mar. Joseph Kundukulam, Bishop of Thrissur. When the Eparchy of Irinjalakuda was erected by bifurcating ancient Eparchy of Thrissur in 1978...

Provincial Superior
Sr.Vimala CMC


Youth Convention

One day convention is held on 17th July for the youth @ Soccorso convent chapel  , lead by Fr. Jince Cheenkallel. More than hundred youth were...

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Music Album

A Music Album  (Parake V...

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Vestition 2023

Five novices  surrendered their lives to J...

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Golden & Silver Jubilee

Four Golden and 13 Silver Jubilariens renewed t...

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